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Step 1 – Accommodation Search Options – defining the choice

In the center of the homepage of the site one can find a booking panel enabling the booking of the accommodation available in the whole area of Poland. After unwinding the list labeled “City” in the panel one should chose a place where one wants to book a room in an accommodation facility and next one should set the date of arrival (year-month-day). The date is set as the day following the day of booking by default. Next one should pick the number of lodging places one is are interested in, the type of a room, the number of beds in the room and the number of rooms. Next click the “Search” button. If we want to book multiple types of rooms (e.g. a double-room with one bed and double-room with two beds), we need to use Booking-Cart. Using it will allow us to book many rooms of the same type at once. We can also return to the search panel and define new searches for a given location – that is, booking based on different criteria of search and different dates. All of this can be done during a single booking – and a single payment. In case of booking rooms for at least 8 people we can use the Group Booking Form. If we want to search the facilities by their rating, name, or the type of a facility we need to click “Advanced Search” button. Below a list of additional information unwinds based on which we can perform our searches: rating, the name of a facility (if we have already decided where we are going to lodge), the type of a facility. When searching by name we need to set “all” or a specified location in the “City” bar. After defining the criteria we click the “Search” button.
Map search is an alternative form of searching. To look up facilities this way one should first click a chosen province (Województwo) on the map of Poland and then, on the map of the province, we click on the name of the town/city (bigger cities are also marked for separate districts). Then a city-map should appear with accommodation facilities marked on it. After placing a cursor on one of them, small windows with a photo and the name of a hotel will appear. To see a full presentation of a chosen facility and to make a booking in it we need to click on its window.
If we chose a location defined in the “Hotels in Poland” section (top-left of the homepage) we get a full, alphabetical list of all facilities in this location along with information about room availability, “Room Prices”, and an option to check the bookings in every one of those facilities.

Step 2 – Search Results

After clicking “Search” button new search results will appear in a new window – the facilities with available rooms that match the search criteria. There is also a possibility of sorting (above the result list) according to e.g. “name”, “distance to the centre” etc. The presentation of a facility on the search result list includes: a thumbnail of a facility’s photo, address, a short description, room availability according to defined search criteria. If we want to make a booking at this stage we only need to chose a suitable room, the number of rooms, and click the “Book now” button on the right. Our booking will be added to the Booking Cart the contents of which will be displayed for us. If there are no rooms available on a given day a message will appear: “No rooms available that suit the defined criteria in the chosen facility”. In such case, if possible, please change the request. To do this one needs to proceed to  the homepage of our website and start the booking from the beginning.

Step 3 – The Hotel Description

After picking up a hotel from the result list (by clicking on a short text near the photo) detailed information in 11 categories is displayed – if the facility matches them:


Up to three photos may be assigned to each description. To enlarge a photo one should click on it. From the page with the facility presentation we can redirect to the suitable room search in this facility using attached browser below the main picture. In the top-right part of the hotel’s description one may find information about all the rooms available in a given facility.  After clicking on a chosen room a window containing the photos of a given room is displayed along with its detailed description.

Step 4 – The Choice of the Room and Booking

After browser’s search for available rooms in the facility chosen by us and the facilities in the same town/city matching our criteria we can proceed to the Booking of a room. To do this we need to choose the rooms we are interested in, the number of rooms and then click on the cart icon which redirects us to
“MY BOOKING” section. Note that you can add to the cart as may bookings as you like in various facilities and locations and with different dates of your stay. After the final decision about bookings and placing them in the Cart we click on the “MY BOOKING” button. There we can throw out (wholly or partially) the bookings chosen by us before we proceed to the payments.  To carry on the bookings and be able to make payments we need to log in to the system. If we do this for the first time we need to fill in a form that is necessary for registration and invoicing. If we are a registered and logged-in ( log-in/register panel in the top-right corner of the page beside the browsing panel ) user of the system all the personal details and the data for the invoice are automatically sent without the need of typing them in once again in the booking process. In case when we already have an account in the system but we forgot to log in before performing the booking we need to enter our email address and password in the “Login” section fields located in the top-right part of the page.
In the booking section we are given a choice over the invoice we want to receive as well as editing our personal details that are stated by the invoice but were not completed during the booking process. Additionally one can enter personal details of other people that the invoice will be drawn up for. 

Step 5 – Payment Method Choice

All payment methods are performed immediately online. Following payment methods are available: VISA card, Master Card, EuroCard, JCB, Diners Club mTransfer, Płacę z Inteligo, MultiTransfer, Przelew24 (BZWBK), BPH Sez@m, Pekao24 (PKO JSC – Bank PEKAO S.A), PKO Intelligo, Nordea Bank Polska. After choosing the payment method one can double-check if the booking data are correct. Next, click on the “Book now” icon which will redirect you to the Dotpay company website. The payment is performed via Internet by the Dotplay Card Authorization Center using either credit card or internet bank transfer. If the hotel agreed to on-the-spot payment such information is also displayed along with the facility descriptions in a form of red-marked information “Book online and pay in hotel”.

Step 6 – Payment and Card Authorization

In case of non-cash payments using a credit card (by clicking the “Credit Card” button) the Booker is required to enter all the data in a form on the Dotpay Card Authorization Center website. On the Dotpay one needs to fill in the full card reference number, expiration date and the CVV2, CVC2, CID number and then click the “Pay” button. CVV2/CVC2/CID code is the three last digits placed on the reverse of the credit card - on a bar with your signature. The CVV2/CVC2/CID code verification ensures safety of the performed online transactions and lowers the possibility of using somebody else’s card while performing the Booking. The CVV2/CVC2/CID code is placed only on our credit card and in the IT system of the bank that issued our card. This code is neither printed on the bills from any POS credit card terminal nor placed anywhere else. The CVV2/CVC2/CID code was introduced to ensure the safety of the card holders who perform transaction without participation of the card, so also of various online transactions. The verification of CVV2/CVC2/CID code is a standard fully recognized worldwide. If the entered data are technically valid a message will be displayed with the confirmation of properly performed payment and booking. A confirmation of booking (Voucher) along with the invoice (detailed or general) will be sent (provided it has been requested in the process of booking.

Step 7 – Change of Booking

The changes in Booking can be made in a Hotel24H system after logging in at the user’s panel and performing a cancellation of the chosen bookings or all of them.

Step 8 – Cancellation of Booking

  1. The cancellation of booking can be performed only using the Booking Cancellation Form available in Hotel24H system after logging to the user’s panel.
  2. In case of making cancellation of ordered services via Hotel24H system the System Operator charges as follows:
    1. 5% if the resignation occurred up to 3 days before the first day when the Booker would start receiving the service ordered.
    2. 100% of the cost of the first day of accommodation if the resignation occurred in the period from 2 days before the starting day of accommodation through the starting day of receiving the service ordered by the Booker.
    3. One hundred percent of the total cost of booking if the Booker waives the ordered service by filling in and submitting the cancellation form from the system after the first day of planned beginning of receiving the ordered service.
    4. One hundred percent of the booking cost if the Booker did not arrive or did not receive the ordered service in agreed time without performing cancellation before.
  3. In case of the cancellation of booking the due amount is returned via bank transfer.
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