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The Rules of Booking with HOTEL24H System

Before making a reservation of services using, system we ask you to acquaint yourself with the “Booking Rules” stated below and accept them when booking. Without your acceptance of the “Booking Rules” the system will not allow the finalization of your booking.

Definition and Terms

Booking Form – an electronic document which is the only form of booking or cancellation of booking of hotel accommodation included in the offer of
Booker – a natural person with legal capacity according to Polish Civil Code or a legal person.
System Operator – Jacek Legendziewicz Jordan Group [NIP 679-006-34-97] Krakow (postal 31-535), at st. Gęsia 8

1. Booking

  1. The booking of hotel accommodation using is done by filling in and sending a Booking Form of the place of accommodation in a lodging provider. The Booker is fully liable for any problems caused by providing invalid data by the Booker in a Booking Form.
  2. System Operator shall not be liable for lack of access to the booking system owing to circumstances beyond Operator’s control, security or any other reasons (e.g. maintenance intermissions, problem shooting et al.)
  3. System Operator reserves the right to temporary suspending access to the site for a time required for eliminating any problems or threats that have occurred.
  4. The process of reservation is finalized in the moment of Booker making a wire transfer using credit card ( or online transfer from a bank ) or on-the-spot payment, if such option is available, and receipt by email of the confirmation of booking (Voucher) and of the invoice from

2. Terms and Forms of Payment

  1. The monetary unit recognized by www.Hotel24H is Polish Zloty (PLN). The prices displayed in EUR are calculated according to mean exchange rate of Polish National Bank (NBP) of the day of booking. Any amount discrepancies concerning payments may be caused by exchange rate differences of the transaction executed by the Booker’s credit card  service centre or Booker’s bank.
  2. Any non-cash payments made by the Booker should be carried out using a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard, JBC, Diners Club). It is obligatory that Booker give all the information required in the form along with the details of the card (type, reference number, expiration date) or online transfers through Polish banks (BPH, Nordea, mBank, Multibank, PKO Inteligo, Pekao24, BZWBK ).
  3. Authorization and settlement will be carried out through DotPay acquirer with an encrypted 128-bit-long key.
  4. In case of lack of the required amount on the Booker’s credit card, the booking cannot be finalized.

3. Additional services

  1. The payment for additional services ordered directly, as in a hotel ( pay TV, mini-bar etc. ) has to be settled on the spot by the booker - directly in the hotel. System Operator is not liable for settlement of  charges for the aforementioned services between the Booker and the Hotel.

4. Confirmation of the Services Ordered (Voucher)

  1. system automatically sends the confirmation of booking (Voucher) and invoice to the email provided in the Booking Form ( all services carried out using system are confirmed automatically ).
  2. The confirmation of booking will include all the information concerning ordered service along with personal details of the Booker and the facility that has been chosen.
  3. After the receipt of the confirming document mentioned in sub-clause 2 the booking is considered to be completed.
  4. The Booker, after giving his name, will be able to receive the ordered service on the basis of Booking Confirmation.
    Voucher is a personal confirmation entitling the Booker to receive the services that have been ordered.
  5. In case of not receiving the payment for the ordered service the Voucher is considered null and void.

5. Cancellation of the Ordered Services

  1. The Booker can perform cancellation only using the option of cancellation of booking available in the (Reservations list).
  2. After the cancellation of booking the Booker receives the confirmation of cancellation by email informing about the acceptance of the performed cancellation.
  3. If booking conditions of particular offers do not constitute otherwise, in case of performing cancellation in system the System Operator charges the following:
    1. Five percent if the resignation occurred up to 3 days before the first day when the Booker would start receiving the service ordered.
    2. One hundred percent of the cost of the first day of accommodation if the resignation occurred in the period from 2 days before the starting day of accommodation through the starting day of receiving the service ordered by the Booker.
    3. One hundred percent of the total cost of booking if the Booker waives the ordered service by filling in and submitting the cancellation form from the system after the first day of planned beginning of receiving the ordered service.
    4. One hundred percent of the booking cost if the Booker did not arrive or did not receive the ordered service in agreed time without performing cancellation before.
  4. In case of cancellation the due amount is returned by means of bank transfer.

6. Liabilities of System Operator ( / bt electronics)

  1. In case when the realization of booked service turns out to be impossible due to the circumstances within the control of the System Operator or other entities the Operator pledges to make all efforts to ensure the realization of service with a similar quality and within time stated in the Booking Form.
  2. System Operator pledges a refund of the service payment made by the Booker – excluding the cases described in sub-clauses 6 and 7 – if the Booker does not agree to be provided with a service with a similar standard, the providing of the service turns out to be impossible due to the reasons other than stated in clause 1, or if providing of service entails making additional payments that are considered excessive by the System Operator.
  3. The System Operator’s refund of the Booker’s payment for the ordered services provides wholly for all possible claims that may be submitted by the Booker because of the service has not been performed.
  4. The refund will be carried out by the System Operator to the bank account provided by the Booker in the Booking Form no later than 30 days from the day when the Booker was to start receiving the service.
  5. The System Operator is by no means liable for temporary inconveniences on the part of subcontractors (e.g. in hotels), which are caused by e.g. cuts of running water, heating, power, air conditioning, and for the inconveniences that may occur due to temporary shutting down the facilities caused by e.g. repair or maintenance e.g. of swimming pools or other facilities.
  6. In case of extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of both parties and caused by force majeure  e.g. natural disasters, strikes, war break-out or other extraordinary situations rendering the agreed realization of the service ordered on the Booking Form impossible the System Operator is discharged from the agreed liabilities and bears no responsibility on grounds of the contract.
  7. Personal information
    By performing a booking using the System the Booker agrees that his personal information is stored in the database of the The information will be processed only in order to carry out the booking, facilitating of making further bookings or for marketing purposes in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act of 29.08.1997 ( Ustawa o Ochronie Danych Osobowych z dnia 29.08.1997 r.). The Booker is entitled to access and actualize his or her personal data. 
  8. The Acceptance of the Service Booking Conditions
    By indicating in the Booking Form that he or she accepts the conditions of reservation, the Booker declares that he or she has acquainted himself/herself with the Conditions of Reservation and is aware of consequences they entail.

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